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The other evening I needed to purchase a six-inch bolt to hold our stair post more securely. B&Q is only a short distance and therefore seemed the ideal choice, although previous experience should have made me aware of their inability to provide the necessary items to help complete a project but that is another blog entry. Having found the required bolt I searched for the matching nuts and washers but none were to be found; on enquiry from one of B&Q’s black and orange helpers I discover that the nuts and washers can only be purchased in separate bags each containing ten. Further enquiry revealed that it isn’t cost effective to sell these items individually nor would they have the space. Although I can sympathise with this I am at a loss as to why they can’t sell each as a complete item, but then that would be logical and logic appears to be sadly lacking. Now having used the items I have eight nuts that are of no current use but will be consigned to my box of items that “might come in handy” one day. Many wives or significant other will no doubt frown or nod knowingly  at this but in truth there may be a day when their storage will be justified.

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