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"If you talk to God you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic."

Joining the order

Last year I posted a smaller version of this picture Silent Films as my scanner couldn’t  accommodate the A3 size. Now, thanks to Staples I have been able to scan the whole picture

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Rosaleen Young – Genie Caged

Her dancing had always had a hypnotic effect. She twisted and swayed her body, curling and flexing her elegant limbs until the eyes watching her began to close and she had them in her power. She couldn’t understand why the Sultan seemed immune to her magic. He sat there solemnly, his eyes fixed about every curve. When, at last, she could dance no more her gave the orders for her to be returned to the cage. She shrunk to her knees, defeated. She felt rough hands grab her skin and the kiss of cold steel surrounding her on all sides. She heard the slam of the cage door and the sound of the heavy lock. She felt so vulnerable without her powers. What could she do to get them back?

Rosaleen Young  

Rosaleen Young – Genie Caged

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