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London and South Western Railway Servants Orphanage – Girls at Play



These voluntary homes were founded in 1885 by employees of the London and South Western Railway Company and were originally known as the London & South Western Railway Servants’ Orphanage.
The first home opened in Clapham in 1886 and demand for places soon necessitated new buildings. The Woking home opened in 1909 with accommodation for 150 fatherless children of railway employees. Costing £24,000 to build, it was managed by staff of the L&SWR and funded by their contributions and public donations.
In the 1920s the orphanage was opened to children from all parts of the Southern Railway. During World War Two, the buildings were used as a hospital but reverted to an orphanage again in 1946. 1947 saw the opening of Missenden House on the site, a home for the elderly and this was followed by a second similar home in 1950, and a 32 bed nursery extension.
By the late 1960s the institution was known as the Southern Railwaymen’s Homes for Children and Old People but is currently [2004] known as Woking Grange part of Woking Homes, providing accommodation for retired railway personnel and/or their spouses and personnel of other transport services.

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