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The Good Men Do

A family friend died early today and this quote from Julius Caesar sprang to mind,

“The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones”.

The evil men do is constantly evident and perhaps the most obvious is that of the German people with the holocaust and the repercussions still felt in Palestine by another persecuted nation. But what of the good, there are countless monuments to those who made life changing discoveries, inventions or their individual sacrifice for others; but what of those of us who aren’t that cleaver or brave, how will we be remembered?

Frank Capra directed “It’s a Wonderful Life” in 1946, a despondent George Bailey (James Stewart) contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve because he feels a failure and wishes that he hadn’t been born, his guardian angel, Clarence is sent to show George what life in his town would be like had he not been born. Every action, like a pebble on a pond radiating out and touching so many others.

Perhaps, when family and friends have also left the legacy continues, perhaps that donation to purchase a mosquito net may have saved a life, that kind word or that hug was enough to make someone’s life a little better. Perhaps the only true legacy is that like pebbles in pond we affect so many others without even thinking.

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The Tawse, For Manners

The Tawse, For Manners

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Rosaleen Young – Maid

Rosaleen Young – Maid

Rosaleen Young – Maid

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Bryoni Kate – Bedroom Temptation

Bryoni Kate – Bedroom Temptation

Bryoni Kate – Bedroom Temptation

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