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Cerebral Man Assulted

A care worker who locked a naked man outside in the cold and fed him disgusting meals of salted banana covered in ketchup has been spared jail.

Jason Blackwell, 29, admitted abandoning his victim – who suffers from cerebral palsy – out in the cold and feeding him the vile concoction while he worked at The Dell care home in Sudbury, Suffolk.

But despite the judge in the case admitting that the offences warranted a prison sentence, he decided that Blackwell shouldn’t be jailed – so that he could get another job in a care home.

Ipswich Crown Court heard how Blackwell had abused the man – who has not been named but is in his 40s – once in March and again in October last year.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of ill treatment, but walked free from court with a suspended prison sentence and instructions to do 250 hours’ unpaid work.

Blackwell had been working at the care home for five years when the two incidents occurred. The court was told that there was no obvious motive for the crimes, while his defence lawyer described it as ‘a way of getting attention’.

Sentencing him, Judge John Holt told Blackwell: ‘Your victim suffered from cerebral palsy and was wholly reliant on care and you were employed as one of his carers.

‘On one occasion you locked him outside his accommodation on a cold night when he was naked and on the second occasion you poured ketchup and salt on his banana’.

Judge Holt warned that he could have been sent straight to jail. But he said that as Blackwell had no previous convictions and would not be able to work in care homes again he was prepared to suspend the sentence. 

Robert Sadd, prosecuting, said the victim, who was almost totally reliant on the care of others and was unable to speak, lived in a bungalow at the home with several other patients.

Mr Sadd said his carer Blackwell had once locked him naked outside on a very cold night.

‘We don’t know the motive for this act of cruelty,’ he admitted.

Mr Sadd said that on another occasion, Blackwell had fed the man, who was very trusting, an ‘unpleasant concoction’ of salt and ketchup on a banana which ’caused distress’.

In a victim impact statement, the victim’s furious mother said she was ‘shocked’ that something like that could happen and it had made her question her son’s safety.

Frances Coles-Harrington, defending, said Blackwell had no previous convictions and had acted completely out of character.

She said that in the five years he had worked at the care home there had been no disciplinary matters or complaints against him.

Mrs Cole-Harrington said Blackwell had enjoyed his work and felt genuine remorse for his attention-seeking actions.

She told the court: ‘It wasn’t vengeful or spiteful but an ill-thought out way of getting attention’.


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There have been countless reports about the abuse of vulnerable people, both in their own homes and in the larger run establishments. Often the perpetrators of abuse never reach the judicial system as people with a learning disability have been seen as poor witnesses, however in this case, having reached court the judge failed to give a custodial sentence to allow the “poor” perpetrator the opportunity to work again in the care profession. One can only feel a deep sense of sorrow for the victim’s mother who trusted the care profession to support and keep her son safe and the judicial system punish those who might abuse their trust;  both failed her and her son miserably.

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