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! wr 4girls1! wr 061-630x350! wr lol1-tt-width-600-height-400-bgcolor-000000! wr Nightgown_01! wr tiffany-k-11I suppose the big news is the new law in the UK banning some pornography or moderating it or… well here is a link that sets some of it out. I am not sure what motivated this or why it wasn’t debated over much. I thought that they had all but dropped this rather ignorant piece of legislation. But as usual the only people in politics who care are the ones with a stick up their arse about what people do in bed. Oh hang on… I think a stick up the arse is illegal now…

There is a nanny state element to all of this as it seems in many cases to be based upon what people might copy at home. But there have been attempts before to do this kind of law and most fall at the first court test with recent obscenity trials descending into ridicule and…

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