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A Glass Half Full

  A Glass Half Full

It’s a common question, “is the glass half full or half empty?” Half full suggests that we are optimists, many good things may have happened but there could still be more and better things to come; whilst half empty suggests pessimism, although there may have been many good things before all that’s left are the dregs or lees to look forward to. A further argument is that regardless of the volume of liquid the glass is always full; it’s just a matter of perception because the glass is also filled with air.

Someone suggested that we spent too much time worrying about a void in our life that we often fail to notice that other things soon fill it up. However, much like packing away a treasure in a box the void is filled with packing; those nasty peanut chips that spill everywhere which may protect the treasure but often hide it away until it’s forgotten.

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