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The Blue Kiss

The Blue Kiss

I found this beautiful image on the Bowlers and High Collars blog, well worth an extended visit. Like many of the 1920’s images I post this has that timeless quality of anticipation often lacking in today’s images. It’s easy to forget that our parents and grandparent were once young especially if we only have the elderly image of them in our minds. This was brought home to me a couple of years ago when my Mother was dying in hospital, we had the usual mundane conversations about clearing the house etc, then she said that I would find a bundle of old letter written by my Father when they were both young, she asked me not to read their contents and destroy them. Naturally I asked whether they were “naughty” and she blushed and momentarily had that young look in her eyes as she remembered happier times, then replied “no they were romantic.” Sadly I wasn’t able to find them until after her funeral as I felt it would be fitting to have them cremated with her. When I did finally find them, the bundle had been lovingly tied up with ribbon and true to my promise I never read any of them. Part of me wishes that I had read them but then somethings are just meant to me kept personal.

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  1. Aw…love letters. You’re right, sometimes it may feel intrusive to read something that wasn’t meant for your eyes, no matter how tempted I would be to read them were I you…

    Comment by bowlersandhighcollars | April 22, 2015 | Reply

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