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Sleep time

Sleep time

Babes In Diapers Too

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Mayumi Yamanaka

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Daddy Vinnie’s Rough & Tumble

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So tired

So tired

A Married Sissy Cuckold 

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Tardy Maid

Tardy Maid


The party’s over but the maid still hasn’t finished cleaning up :-/

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Ai Shinozaki

Ai Shinozaki

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1900’s servants

This was a very good purchase as I only paid two thirds the original asking price. I think that the lady in the middle must be the housekeeper judging by the chain that looks as if there are keys tucked into her belt. It was probably a wealthy household judging by her elaborate dress which looks more ornate that the usual housekeepers’ dress, interestingly they are all wearing similar caps.

The photographer was from Settle, a town in North Yorkshire.

Judging from the back of the cabinet card the photographer was a student Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society which was an educational, cultural and scientific charity, based in Falmouth, Cornwall which was founded by the Fox family, a prominent Quaker business family of Falmouth in 1832 as the Cornwall Polytechnic Society; in  1835 King William IV bestowed Royal Patronage on the Society, and it changed its name from the Cornwall Polytechnic Society to the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society.

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Victorian Maid

Victorian Maid

I think this is a maid from the late 1890’s, unfortunately the quality isn’t very good and there isn’t any identifying information about her but it’s nice to see a maid relaxing for a change.

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Stolen Xmas Kisses (Smart Novels Series)

Stolen Xmas Kisses (Smart Novels Series) 1909


Such an impetuous youth 😉

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Nurses who left brain injury patient lying in own faeces keep jobs

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Two nurses who left a brain injury patient in urine-soaked sheets and ‘cleaned his feeding tubes with a pen’ have kept their jobs.

Company director Grant Clarke, 45, suffered a massive brain haemorrhage in May 2012 and needed constant care at an NHS hospital rehab unit.

The father-of-three was paralysed on his left side, doubly incontinent and unable to swallow or communicate.

When his family visited him in hospital in late 2013 they found he smelled of urine and they became concerned as he gradually got more and more depressed.

His partner Binny Moore planted a secret camera in an iPod docking station which revealed the shocking extent of the neglect.

It showed him looking on helplessly as one nurse allegedly dug into his feeding tubes with a pen and another clip showed a nurse pulling a help buzzer from his hands.

Mr Clarke, a former IT company director, was also subjected to ‘appalling’ treatment and left in urine-soaked sheets and covered in faeces.

Staff at the West Kent Neuro-rehabilitation Unit at Sevenoaks Hospital in Kent were also shown giving him drinks – despite being strictly instructed to give him nil by mouth.

Mr Clarke, from West Kingsdown, Kent, was only switched to another unit after his family showed the film to police and he was moved under a court order.

As a result of the secret filming three nurses were investigated and have now been found guilty of professional misconduct by a Nursing and Midwifery Council tribunal.

Two of the nurses have been given caution orders – meaning they can still work with vulnerable patients.

Staff nurse Vanessa Kennard faced ten counts, including the removal of Mr Clarke’s buzzer and telling his partner he was too ‘buzzer happy’.

She failed to turn up to her misconduct tribunal in London earlier this year.

The panel suspended Kennard from practice for 12 months in her absence.

Deputy ward manager Marie Banwell admitted 13 charges but denied nine others – including one of cleaning the patient’s feed tube with a biro pen.

She was given a caution order for 18 months.

Sarah Coulter, a ward manager, admitted 13 charges and denied four others and was given a caution order for 12 months.

Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust said they were “appalled” by what happened and suspended the nurses immediately in November 2012.

It said Banwell and Coulter have undergone extensive training and performance management and had shown genuine remorse for what happened.

But Mr Moore has criticised the ruling which means two of the three nurses can continue working.

Mr Clarke’s family complained to the Trust 26 times – 22 of which were upheld.

They now plan to pursue a case for civil damages.



Reading this sadly not uncommon account I fail to understand how the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) who are supposed to be the guardians of excellence and good practice allowed these vermin to continue to as nurses; not only have they failed in their duty to protect patients which is enshrined in the Code of Conduct but failed to protect the reputation of the profession.

Cerebral Man Assulted


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