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Time for tea

Time for tea

Scarlet’s Real Magic

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Keeping dry

Keeping dry

Keeping dry

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Kenilworth Cigarettes – The Tatler – 1916

Kenilworth - The Tatler - 16th August 1916

“Shall we find a nice, quiet corner?”

“Let’s tie up in the shade for a bit. You must want a rest. And I can see by the way you’re looking at my Kenilworth that you’d like one of them too.” Kenilworths are the most soothing and seductive cigarettes imaginable.

It isn’t only the flavour of the wonderful golden Virginia that makes a Kenilworth so delightful to smoke. Look how beautifully it is made. Even if you strip the paper off”, a Kenilworth still holds together as a perfect cigarette. And notice how carefully the long, fine tresses of tobacco are laid side by side, so as to secure a “through-current” of air and an even smoke. There’s no other cigarette quite like a Kenilworth. You will find that Kenilworths compare favourably with the most expensive brands you can buy in Bond Street.

For ———- somewhere in ———-,.Aren’t you going to send him some? His thoughts will be with you when he smokes’ Kenilworth.

PRICES. 1/- for 20, 2/4 for 50, 4/8 for 100. If your Tobacconist does not stock them send his name and address and 1/- in stamps for sample box, post free.

FOR THE FRONT. We will post Kenilworth Cigarettes to Soldiers on active service, specially packed in airtight tins of 50, at 2/6 per 100, duty free. Postage 1/- for 200 to 300; 1/4 up to 900. Minimum order 200. Order through your tobacconist or send remittance direct to us.

Postal Address 16, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool.


Manufacturers of High Class Cigarettes.

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J.A. Paris 089

J.A. Paris 089

I’m not sure whether this is a genuine postcard or a reproduction although it was sold as an original as the back is plain so possibly for the “collector” rather than the eyes of the postie 😉

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