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Lilian Hall-Davis (Verlag Ross 1056-2)

Lilian Hall-Davis (Verlag Ross 1056-2)


The Ross Verlag logo first appeared in the early 1920’s. On the front of the card were the words: Verlag “Ross” Berlin SW68.   Verlag is the German word for publishing company. SW stands for Southwest and 68 is an area code in that region of Berlin.

Ross Verlag was a Jewish run business.   When Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party (the Nazis) came into power, the goverment began its persecution of Jewish citizens.   Soon, Jews were forced out of business by the Nazi’s, and their companies taken over by non-Jews.   Heinrich Ross, the founder of Ross Verlag, suffered the same fate, but was fortunate enough, at least, to eventually escape to America.   Postcards of known Jewish performers were no longer advertised for sale, although they were still being sold.

The History of Ross Verlag

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