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How you can become a Nurse – 1943

Britannia & Eve - September 1943

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  1. Sounds like a similar deal to what was offered in the States under the US Cadet Nurse program. With a few differences of course. Such as the 28 days paid vacation time each year! The US Cadet program offered very little time off in order to condense the program training time from 36 to 30 months, in some cases less, depending on the prerequisites that a new nursing student may have already completed before entering training.
    In any case, they make it sound quite beneficial for both sides! No fees to pay, getting paid instead, paid time off, free uniforms for indoor use in the wards (no street uniform, likely to conserve fabric, since clothing was tightly rationed in Great Britain during the War.) And a new salary scale, plus a pension plan as well.

    Comment by sdaven5191 | January 7, 2017 | Reply

    • Ours was 3 years for the old SRN and 2 years for the SEN although you could do a combined course such as Adult (SRN) and Children’s or Mental Health but the Mental Health Nurses weren’t view with much respect and even worse if you went into Learning Disabilities. I had the Sister shout at me in the middle of the ward when I told her that I was going into LD Nursing – happy days. As for the uniform we were provided with a “mac” for community visits or a cape but I don’t remember having one as a male nurse

      Comment by summertime75 | January 7, 2017 | Reply

      • If you’re not familiar with the U S Cadet Nurse Corps, in operation during the last half of WWII, from 1943 to 1945, or you could say until the final classes graduated after three years training in October, 1948; you might check out my Pinterest board on same. It is located at : — I think between all the Pins there, (and some duplications made as well) that you should be able to put together a fairly comprehensive understanding of the program and how well it functioned. It’s a real shame that it didn’t continue longer than it did.

        However, by 1978, and I’m not sure how long before that, there was a government run program, the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, or CETA (pronounced “see-tah”) that was established to help educate people who did not already have any particular vocational skills or knowledge, were unemployed, and met established financial and income requirements. My husband was an Air Force veteran, and had been recently released from service. I had a high school diploma, but had been depending completely on entering the Air Force after graduation, and having them teach me whatever I wanted to learn in that respect. I had outstanding qualifications, had been through two years of Air Force Junior R.O.T.C. with straight A’s, first female Officer in that Corps, highest test scores of every female (and I understood from my recruiter about half of the guys too) who took the entrance evaluation exams for the military, called the A.S.V.A.B.s, at my school that time it was offered, when over 200 of us took it.

        Anyway, to cut it short, only one thing knocked me for a loop – I couldn’t pass the eye exam. They SAID that the upper limit for correction was a -5.00 diopters. Well, it so happened that mine was a -5.25! One quarter of a diopter. And no waivers were available for it either. They even took the time, trouble and expense of sending me across the city to a civilian eye doctor, to see if his examination could get my results where they needed to be. No dice. So, I got a bus ticket home, instead of a plane ticket to Basic Training in Texas! I had even already been sworn in, in order for them to be legally allowed to do all the physical evaluations and such, so I had papers to sign, and a bus to catch. No job, no school, no skills. All that work for nothing. Anyway, after I had been sent home, I got some jobs doing menial things like waiting tables in restaurants, and so forth.

        I met my soon-to-be husband, we got married a year later, he got out of the service a year or so after that, and I found myself eligible for that program, CETA. It provided vocational-technical school training that didn’t take longer than a year to complete, paid all school expenses – tuition, books, lab fees, all uniforms and caps, plus money for things like school supplies, and nursing uniform shoes for us, plus, minimum wage for all hours spent in school, and for practical nursing (LPN) students, all hours spent on clinicals too.

        We had to submit a time sheet, like a time clock sheet, for all our time spent on those activities, and in turn we got a check in the mail back, just like a paycheck.

        The program didn’t cover just nursing, but all the qualified programs the school offered. It was a great program that got a lot of people off of unemployment, and into decent paying jobs. Unfortunately, it didn’t last either, likely through some political game playing, which of course didn’t take care of anybody doing anything, except the political game players.

        Comment by sdaven5191 | January 18, 2017

      • Sounds like here to a certain extent, the government put young people and some unemployed people on “training£ courses which then shows less people unemployed but there isn’t a job at the end of it all. I sometimes wonder about some of the job centre employees, I registered as unemployed after being made redundant and taking early retirement from nursing and they kept giving me job adverts for children’s nursing or the adult branch which I wasn’t qualified for, they couldn’t understand that the different branches have a separate qualification, lol

        Comment by summertime75 | January 18, 2017

      • My goodness! You’d think that Job Center employees would be at least a LITTLE BIT familiar with the requirements of the jobs to which they are trying to send people!! That’s a real shame. Well, the CETA program did an awful lot of good, because there were very few people of which I was aware, who did not have employment waiting on them after graduation, or after completing their specific training programs. Especially all the nurses! There was a good bit of clinical time (learning and gaining experience working as a student on the hospital patient units, and in Long Term Care -with the elderly) which made the two entities – student and employer – very familiar with each other, and a good bit easier to establish employment with the facility after graduation and passing the State Boards to become Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s). Long term care facilities, or nursing homes, as they are better known here, are the top employers of LPN’s. While I had a very strong desire to be a nurse, working exclusively with the elderly population wasn’t at the top of my list! I know “somebody needs to do it” but it wasn’t precisely what I had in mind to do with my life, while others really enjoyed it and should be doing it. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I was not able remain in the program long enough to complete the certificate, or get my license, because I discovered about half way through that I would be getting my ‘M-O-M’ before I could get my ‘L-P-N!’ Our daughter was putting in her permanent appearance at the Hospital Nursery and then to our home the end of July, right before graduation! And then some troublesome low blood pressure issues created repeated episodes of lightheadedness and even fainting while sitting in class, and my doctor took me out of action in early April. The change in my status to a house bound pregnant wife for a while, from being an active nursing student, and also changed our financial status, in spite of the part time evening job at one of our clinical site hospitals, working at the Visitor Information Desk and part time switchboard operator relief, covering for the regular operator so she could get her dinner and breaks. Keeping that job was very important, as I had been on their medical insurance plan when I got pregnant, and needed to stay on it so I would remain covered when she was born. My husband’s job didn’t provide coverage until he had been there for 90 days, and they just happened to be the same company for both of us! So, when his started, I put in my notice, and made sure that the coverage would be considered continuous. It was, so I finally got to stay home until she came! I didn’t go back to school for several years though, and by that time we’d also had her brother, and they were both in middle school. That’s when I became a Surgical Technologist, or, on your side of the pond, an ODP-Scrub. Loved it!! Very, very sad to have been forced to leave it due to physical disabilities, too. It was really my life, and now, I’m stuck at home pretty much permanently. I’m on Social Security Disability benefits right now. Hoping the influences of all the elderly members of the incoming President’s political party will hold sway during his term, because he and his cronies have been making noises like they want to dismantle the whole program. That would cause rioting in the streets, I’m sure, no matter what.

        Comment by sdaven5191 | January 19, 2017

  2. You would expect the job centre staff to have some idea but clearly not, but I wasn’t really worried as I only signed on to take advantage of my mortgage protection insurance after being made redundant and taking early retirement, the crazy thing is that their opening gambit is always “we’ll take your money away if you don’t do as we say” and as I never received any it didn’t work, it was an interesting year though. After six months I had to go for an interview to see whether I needed to look at my employment options, they requested a copy of my CV which I gave them, but at my interview I was asked if I needed to go on a literacy course, I asked whether she had taken the trouble to read my CV which I could see in her folder, she shuffled a few papers and said that she hadn’t, I pointed out that as well as a BA Hons, three diplomas, two nursing qualifications and several assessors qualifications I might still have trouble spelling but I can at least write my own name, the interview declined from there on. She asked what sort of job I wanted as I hadn’t made any effort to find one, I suggested that working in a sex shop would suit my qualifications, as a nurse I’m used to subjecting people to humiliating procedures, my “control and restraint” was up to date so I could tie people up and as a former continence nurse I could give advice to “adult babies,” only enough the interview ended lol

    I’m not sure that President Trump will take much notice of public opinion regarding welfare cuts but time will tell, personally I think we’re all in for a worrying few years with his views on immigration and Muslims which reflects on America as a country.

    Comment by summertime75 | January 21, 2017 | Reply

    • Oh golly!! I can’t imagine how I could have missed this last reply from you, or failed to respond to it, if I hadn’t missed it!! You are hilarious!! That last bit about your qualifications to work in a “sex shop” are a scream!! 😂😂 You should do stand up comedy!! I can imagine the look on your interviewer’s face when you came out with that one! My gosh – well, after starting into it asking if you, of all people, needed to go on a LITERACY course, she got what she deserved! For goodness sakes. {shakes head} To go into an interview so completely unprepared as all that – it serves her right!! And, not that I’ve had all that much experience with such boneheaded government employees as she obviously was, but I do know what you’re talking about regarding the total lack of knowledge in conducting such interviews. My husband lost his job during the same period of time as what I was telling you about, but through no fault of his own, because all that work he was doing in a wiring factory, producing the wiring “set ups” for lack of the proper word, that were used to install when building certain models of cars, was sent out of the country to be done for less money. I can imagine in 1978, it was probably a LOT less money! Anyway, because he lost his job under those particular circumstances, and not just because he got fired for cause, which he certainly did NOT, he qualified for a special additional unemployment benefit called TRA, or Trade Readjustment Allowance, which you only got under those specific circumstances. And, you had to have been employed at that job for a certain number of weeks or more. When he came home with all that paperwork, which he had to fill out and take in person to the local Unemployment Office, I counted up the number of weeks he had worked there on our calendar, and found that he had exactly the minimum number required. So, we filled all that paperwork out – reams and reams of it, it seemed! Then, the next day, we went to the Office to turn them in and be interviewed by an intake worker. Well, HE pulls out HIS “official” calendar, and counts up the weeks, and says “Nope” he doesn’t qualify – he’s ONE WEEK short. I argued with the man, because I can count too! We went back and forth, and even started to leave, but something stopped me, and we got back in the line for the same idiot. I asked to see HIS calendar that he was using to determine if you qualified or not, and looked it over very closely. It turned out that when the calendars had been PRINTED that they were printed incorrectly, nobody had noticed, or they were told NOT to say anything about it (more likely knowing the State) but they had been counting two separate weeks as ONE, between the end of one month and the beginning of the next!! I forget now exactly how that was laid out, but I DO remember finding that error!! I pointed it out to him in a VERY loud voice, so that I could be heard by a lot of others who were waiting, or in the process of applying, and he went running for a supervisor. I was right. The calendars – ALL OF THEM – had been printed that way. I have no idea how many people had been shorted of their earned benefits that way through the whole State, because all the offices used the same printer, but it had to be more than just a handful. It would really only affect unemployed people who had started working that same week as him, because a week less would still not qualify, and a week more still would, but STILL! They were using flawed paperwork to determine if people qualified for all kinds of benefits. We left finally with his benefits granted, which increased his weekly checks enough to be worth the battle to be sure. And I stopped people in the parking lot on their way IN and on their way OUT, and told them about what was happening, and to keep a sharp eye out on what was being done if they had to have a certain number of weeks of work to qualify for anything at all, and to make sure to ask them for a CORRECTED calendar!! After all, my husband’s former employer wasn’t the only one who had released workers because of that reason. It was going on all over the country, and especially our State, since the economy here is primarily based on farming and manufacturing, particularly automotive manufacturing.
      THEN I called the newspaper!! 😋 You bet I did, and talked with a reporter who ended up doing a front page story about the whole deal. I stayed anonymous, since I didn’t want any bright-eyed whistle blower at the unemployment commission to mess around and find some way to screw up my husband’s unemployment benefits. I didn’t care enough about getting my name in the paper to have that happen! I cared more about keeping a roof over our heads, and food on the table, especially with a baby on the way! At that point I was still working, and had our medical insurance coverage intact, which had to stay that way to pay for having the baby! Later on, he got another job, which just happened to have their employee insurance benefits through the same company, so all we had to do was switch one to the other, as long as they stayed concurrent with each other. Worked out perfectly, actually.
      Anyway, yes indeed, you sure can catch the local, state or even federal/national offices hiring complete idiots sometimes, can’t you?

      As for #45, which is the only way I prefer to refer to the current POTUS, he seems to be finding out that he CAN’T just do anything he pleases because it suits him, anytime he likes! It seems he keeps getting his hands slapped down when he does the blatantly unconstitutional things – or tries to, anyway – that he’s attempted to do since he walked into the Oval Office and taken an official seat. And, he’s been diagnosed by many a qualified psychiatrist, psychologist, and other well trained mental health professionals​, as well as the millions of us possessing an ounce or more of common sense, as being in possession of numerous mental health problems and diseases, the likes of which would make the average Joe Citizen a prime candidate for residential mental health treatment!! He’s attempted to do many things just because he feels like it, not being capable of stopping and thinking them through first, and then getting stopped cold by many, even in his own Party, who know it’s not legal, it’s not moral, it’s not constitutional, and then he has a temper tantrum, and stomps his little feet, and tries to punish THEM by trying to do MORE against them, which is likewise not legal, moral, or constitutional. And then he gets slapped down again!
      So, it’s going to continue being the “#45 & Pence Dog and Pony Show” it started out being! As for Pence, with him being the former extremely disliked Governor of the state where I currently live, he’s not got the common sense God gave a gnat, so that pairing is a disaster in the making as well. My husband and I agree that neither of them are capable of supporting the intellect beyond a 7th grader. (1st grade here starts at age 6, for most Americans, and concludes at the end of 12th grade, usually at about 18, thereafter followed by post-secondary education in college, junior college, or vocational/trade school.) Seventh graders here are about 12-14 depending on their academic performance. So, knowing how grown up (or not, as the case may be) your own citizens are at that age, you can get some idea of the mentality existing currently at the top level of our government. Sad, isn’t it?? Especially when it will certainly identify us in the history books as the country with Humpty Dumpty at the helm!

      Comment by sdaven5191 | April 29, 2017 | Reply

      • I do sometimes wonder about government organisations, the sad thing is, especially with our disability assessments the aim seems to be to save money rather than carry out a fair assessment which often leaves people who desperately need the money waiting for an appeal which they often win.

        Comment by summertime75 | May 5, 2017

  3. Summertime 75 – There’s no reply link next to your last message, so I suppose I’ll have to do it this way! As for disability applications, I’m sure I’ve added my experience to one of my messages, so I won’t belabor the point by repeating it. But, nationwide, it got so horrible that people had been waiting literally ages to get a response to their first applications, and then fighting tooth and nail for absolutely years to get their appeals responded to. And the usual first response was a denial. Fortunately, enough people here contacted their elected legislators – Senators and Congressmen or Congresswomen – and laid out their horrible experiences to get action taken. It seemed the biggest problem was lack of enough qualified and trained assessors to handle the initial applications, and there were literally millions of applications sitting in backlogged piles, waiting to be handled the FIRST time, much less the legally and medically qualified judges it would take to handle all of the appeals that were filed. It was awful. I had a sister in-law who had been suffering from a heart condition for many years, who had been trying to get disability for years. She had already had two open heart procedures to have a valve replaced, and was on many medications. She fought and fought, on her own, without a lawyer to help her, misunderstanding how lawyers in such cases were paid, and thinking it would cost a great deal out of her pocket. None of that was true, but by the time she finally understood how that worked, got a lawyer, got her paperwork sorted out, refilled, and finally got benefits started, she only lived for six more months before she died. I’m about positive that a lot of that had to do with the stress she had been under all that time that did her in.
    Fortunately for the rest of us, we finally got legislators who were not only listening, but DOING something about it, and they provided funding to hire and to train more people to help break up the backlog of paperwork, bringing down the waiting time from years to a few months on applications, and most importantly on all the appeals. It got to the point where my own case was filed and approved in four months, no herky-jerky nonsense, no appeals, just a letter four months after application telling me I had been approved, and my benefits would begin the following month! For that I was extremely grateful. And I even got two fairly good sized student loans completely forgiven, based on my disability status. I had tried to re-educate myself for other careers, which didn’t work out at all, and the loans I took out to pay for the schooling would have been getting paid well into my 60’s. But, this (besides death) is I think the one circumstance for which your loans can be forgiven. And they were. So, there are a few benefits to being disabled, I guess. But not enough to make me completely happy with all the pain!
    Ah well – life goes on. And we either go on with it, or we don’t! Hope things are going well for you this summer!
    My very best regards to you and yours!
    Shari D.

    Comment by sdaven5191 | June 20, 2017 | Reply

    • Hi Sheri, I’m not sure why there wasn’t a reply link, must be one of WordPress’s little foibles. We have an assessment of needs called PIP’s (Personal Independence Payment) which has replaced the previous disability assessment tools, however the main aim is to reduce the number of claimants to meet the government’s savings target regardless of needs. A friend, a former Nurse found that her assessments were being changes to show that the individuals didn’t meet the criteria for payment, she left but sadly didn’t “go public.” The other issue is that people can challenge the assessment and often they are successful but it takes several months during which time they don’t have any money, crazy system although it was just as bad when I was a Nurse, one of my clients had her housing benefit stopped several times because as we were nurses supporting her and a couple of others in a supported living house they constantly challenged whether the arrangement was right as we were employed by the NHS, but each time we were successful and when I complained about the delay with payments, even though they were backdated I pointed out that she still had to pay her rend etc and their reply was that the NHS wouldn’t see her homeless so “what was the problem,” you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I did get just a little “payback” with someone at the local housing benefits office, she insisted that she meet my client and interview him, I pointed out that not only did he have a severe learning disability but very challenging behaviour, she insisted and he had to miss his day services, which he wasn’t happy about, she walked in took one look and headed for the office, I closed the door and introduced them, strangely enough she never challenged the payments again, very unprofessional but worth the risk of a slap on the wrists.

      Comment by summertime75 | June 20, 2017 | Reply

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