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Marie Lloyd – The Tatler – Wednesday 30th December 1908


Our “one and only Marie” finds time in spite of her many engagements to put in an occasional hour on the roller-skating rink just adjacent to the Tivoli, where, by the by, she is drawing crowded houses nightly.


 Marie Lloyd the One and Only.

Miss Marie Lloyd a portrait of whom appears on this page is one of those rare artists to whom the title, “inimitable,” belongs quite rightly. Probably there is no other music- hall artist in England who is a greater favourite with the general public, and certainly there is no artist more worthy of her popularity. Truly it can be said of her, “Age does not wither nor custom stale her infinite variety.” One knows so well the buzz of expectation when Marie Lloyd’s number goes up at any music- hall; everyone knows he will be made to laugh, and there are also other possibilities as well I which keep people on the qui vive of excitement. Of late years she has forsaken pantomime at Christmas-time, and this year she will be one of the stars twinkling at the Tivoli.

The Tatler, 30th December 1908

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