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Three Maids on the London Stage – The Sphere – Saturday 8th August 1925

 Three Maids on the London Stage – Mr. Peter Haddon Leaves Revue


The maids on the stage are, unless it is a very low-life play, invariably of a most attractive character. They remove delectable supper trays with perfect grace, and are, in registry-office language, absolute treasures. Thousands of mistresses must have longed for the services of Miss Mona Harrison, who has been waiting on the young wives in “Fallen Angels” with admirable decorum. The other maids pictured here are in costume plays. Miss Mary Sheridan plays the part of the pretty maid of the inn in Mr. Ashley Duke’s Bath-period comedy at the Haymarket, and Miss Evelyn Hope is the maid who eventually becomes the farmer’s wife at that persistent success which nightly throngs the Court Theatre. Miss Louise Hampton is playing in Miss Daisy Fisher’s three-act comedy at the Comedy Theatre, and Miss Hampton takes the part of Anne Lavender, one of the two “Lavender Ladies.” Mr. Herbert Marshall is one of the few men in the cast. Mr. Peter Haddon, who has been delighting London in “Charlot’s Revue” for many months past, went last week to the Savoy to appear in “On Change,” a farcical comedy which Mr. Robert Courtneidge presents and in which he himself appears. Mr. Courtneidge’s daughter, Rosaline, plays the young and attractive heroine.

The Sphere – Saturday 8th August 1925

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