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Everything for Maids – The Bystander – Wednesday 16th January 1924

Everything for Maids

  Far more attention is paid nowadays to the correct garbing of maids, and directly a door is opened by some neat-handed Phyllis, one gets the index at once of a well-ordered establishment. A definite colour scheme is usually carried throughout the household, completed by dainty lingerie aprons and caps. And right in the forefront as specialists on the subject come Garrould’s, Edgware Road. Here there is choice of most prolific character, and, moreover, at prices that compare more than favourably with the other houses. Selling the vast quantities they do, this firm can afford to do so at lower rates, while maintaining at the same time a very high standard of quality. Illustrated is an example of what they are able to turn out in the guise of a smart spot muslin apron, trimmed lace, at 3s. 6d., the accompanying white lawn coronal cap, priced at only Is. 0½d., a longer and plain muslin apron with embroidery bib and bretelles being marked at 2s. 11½d., this being worn with a large mob cap of white lawn, daintily decked with embroidery at 1s. 11½d. Then the dresses supplied by this house and ready to be stepped into are marvels of cheapness, models stocked in mercerised poplin, cashmerette, etc., in black and navy, ranging in price from 14s. 11d. And these goods are sent on approval when desired, together with specially illustrated leaflets and the full, comprehensive catalogue of all nursing and hospital requirements.



One of the becoming designs for a parlour-maid’s uniform executed by Messrs. E. and R. Garrould, of 150, Edgware Road, W. 2. The apron is of spot muslin trimmed with lace, and is worn with a white lawn coronal cap.


The Bystander – Wednesday 16th January 1924

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