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The Rosenhan Experiment

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Maids’ Uniforms – The Tatler – Wednesday 17th November 1937

Maids’ Uniforms.


Ideas as to maids’ uniforms have changed very much during the last few years, passing far beyond the monotony of black and white. An attractive outfit increases a maid’s pleasure in her work besides improving her appearance, and Garrould’s, 150-162, Edgware Road have an immense variety of frocks and aprons Practical simplicity is the rule for mornings. A well-cut dress in check gingham which will not fade and has been thoroughly shrunk costs eight shillings and eleven pence, while twelve and eleven pence is the cost of a neat pique frock. Pretty caps and aprons for afternoons are made in lawn or organdie, some trimmed with hemstitching and pin-tucks, others with coloured spots or sprigs. Afternoon dresses for autumn and winter are designed to suit maids of all ages; their variety, and the very reasonable prices, can best be appreciated from the catalogue (sent gratis and post free). Women who consider their maids’ uniforms as part of their interior decorations will find colours to harmonise with their schemes, and special requirements can easily be complied with.

This maid’s set from Garroulds is practical as well as pretty, for it is of self checked organdie with coloured spots, an excellent washing material. With it is worn an afternoon dress of pure Botany wool, available in various colours.


The Tatler – Wednesday 17th November 1937

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