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Garrould’s for Distinctive Staff Uniforms – The Tatler – Friday 22nd November 1935

Garrould’s for Distinctive Staff Uniforms

Why not buy your maid a new uniform this Christmas. One chosen from Garrould’s enormous stock, the largest in London. You will be amazed to see how much smarter and efficient your maid looks in a Garrould’s outfit. You can always distinguish a Garrould’s uniform from any other, that is why all the smart London hostesses come to Garrould’s for their staff uniforms. The secret lies not only in the cut, style and fine workmanship, but also in the great care that is taken in obtaining materials which combine refinement of appearance with hard wear in use. The dresses are made in 21 stock sizes, all carefully worked out to fit the average figure. If you cannot call, write for Garrould’s catalogue of Service Uniforms, beautifully illustrated in full colours, sent post free.

“BENITA.” Smart Afternoon Dress made in good quality Alpaca. Plain modern style. V-neck, coat sleeves, plain bodice, two inverted pleats back and front of skirt, all round belt. Colours: Bottle grey, brown, navy and black. Women s sizes, 21/9; O.S., 25/-.

APRON 47. –  Exceptionally smart kimona style Afternoon Apron in white striped haircord lawn, shoulder straps trimmed with attractive embroidery, 2/11½ each.

CAP 430. –  Coronet Cap with two goffered frills at top and one at bottom. In plain white lawn, 1/0¾ each.


“WINIFRED.” Very attractive Afternoon Dress made in all-wool repp, semi-fitting bodice with pointed effect in front, semi-flared skirt, coat sleeves, round neck, all round belt, finished at front with chromium-plated ring and buttons. Colours Saxe, brown, wine, green, grey, navy, black. Women’s sizes, 18/11; O.S., 21/-.

APRON 729.  – The latest in smart and effective Afternoon Aprons. In white organdie trimmed with blue and white silk spots. Can also be supplied in beige organdie with brown and fawn silk spots, 3/11½ each.

CAP 433. – Flat coronet style, with dainty frilled edge all round, and ribbon velvet, 1/ 11½ each.

SET 183.  – Attractive Collar and Cuff Set to match exactly, 1/11½ set.



Telephone Paddington 1001   Telegrams Garrould, London.



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