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Piece Of My Heart






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Moemi Katayama

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Mathilde Mauget

‘Gram Girl, You Fine!

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Collar of shame

Evil, wicked, kinky thoughts

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Relax, tomorrow is Friday


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“Topsy-Turvydom” seems to have been carried out over several years where guests changed places with hotel staff as a way of thanking them for their hard work over the festive period.





A ten days’ programme of festivities to commemorate Christmas concluded last night at the colony of Matlock hydros, and to-day, as though to do penance for their frivolity, the visitors exchange places with the servants.

Matlock hydros entertain their staffs generously, and to-night and to-morrow there will be banquets, followed by balls. The exchange takes effect 5.0 p.m. to-day, when the servants quit their uniforms and dress in the height of fashion for the festivities. By this time the choice of new “servants” will have been made. Tips will be allowed and even followers under prescribed conditions.

At one large hydro the following notice was posted yesterday:-

Applications for positions of waitresses, hall porters, boots, under-boots and page will be gladly received by the manager. Applications in preferred, stating age, weight, complexion and chest capacity, and any other particulars that be thought useful by the applicant will be appreciated Followers not allowed unless they are prepared to take the lead in hard work.

Duties commence at 5.0 p.m. January 1 until 1.0 a.m. on January 2.

The salary will paid in best thanks, plus free food. Insurance books are be stamped by the applicants.

Liverpool Echo – Thursday 1st January 1914






The principal hydros in Matlock held their staff balls last night, when the visitors entertained the staffs. The annual change over is known as  “Topsy-Turvydom.” Visitors had their evening meal earlier than usual, and then changed places with the staffs. Assuming various roles, the visitors waited upon the staffs at full course dinner, and afterwards attended to their needs in the dance room. Dancing was kept up until the early hours of this morning.

The custom of  “Topsy-turvydom” originated at Matlock many years ago, when hydro visitors agreed to change places with the staffs to give them an. Evening’s entertainment in recognition of their strenuous work and service during the Christmas holidays.

Derby Daily Telegraph – Friday 5th  January 1934

Topsy – Turvydom at Matlock – The Tatler – Wednesday 11th January 1911

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Is summer here?

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Ai Shinozaki

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