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At the Winter Sales – The Sketch – Wednesday 1st January 1913

At the Winter Sales.


THE temptation to replenish my wardrobe on exceptionally advantageous terms caused me to wend my way to 11, Hanover Street on Monday last, since I knew the Annual Winter Sale of the London Corset Co. was in full progress.

This is the only house at which 1 have seen a pair of real French corsets guaranteed actually made in Paris, and with two pairs of suspenders, for the ridiculous sum of 9/11, whilst another model, rather longer over the hips, also including suspenders, can be obtained during the sale for 14/5.

Having secured the riding corset for which I entered, I was further tempted to purchase one of the new “Tricot” models, made in two prices, and reduced during the sale to £3 7s. 6d. and  3 15s. 6d., and of these I selected the latter, as their shape appealed to me irresistibly. The “Tricot” is of the finest, the boning of the lightest, and yet the corset is so strong that it simply moulds the form of the wearer, and keeps same beautifully together.

The models sketched on this page are of white Coutille, one being very long below the waist and low in the bust, the other being fairly high in the bust and moderately deep below the waist. Each of these models is priced during the sale at 22s. 6d.

There were numberless other models, from 19/- upwards, including the Crepe-de-Chine, which I consider the finest model I have ever inspected. They are of the lightest possible weight, very low in the bust and extremely long on the hips, so modelled that the figure is not only improved but kept beautifully together. The material is of the strongest and necessitates very little boning, and the six suspenders which are supplied with it keep the corset in correct and perfect position. The usual price of this is 6 guineas, but during the sale, which terminates on the 20th, it is reduced to £5 15s. 6d.

Included in the sale are also a number of hand-embroidered blouses, most of which are trimmed with real lace and entirely hand-made. These are obtainable at various prices from 12s. 11d. to 8 guineas.

The stock also includes some white shirts of the finest quality Japanese silk, hand-made and tucked with collar, either stand-up or turned- down, according to taste, with cravate, which can be had in various colours. These have small pockets at the side, and are moderately priced during the sale at 38s. 9d.

A very distinctive blouse of blue satin, cut in the style of a gentle man’s dress waistcoat, with fine shirt front of pleated chiffon – this has a soft stand-up collar, finished at neck with a band and bow in the style of a dress tie. This can be obtained in various colours, and has three buttons to match down the front to take the place of studs. This blouse has a smart rolled collar buttoned at the side and finished off at the waist with a pleated belt. The long shirt sleeves are finished with a chiffon cuff-frill, with self-coloured buttons at side. The sale price is 3 ½ guineas. The same model can also be obtained in all white.

An important point, of which too much cannot be made, is that this firm pay as much care and attention to the cut and fit of their blouses during the sale as at other times.


The Sketch – Wednesday 1st January 1913


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