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A poignant reminder – The Sphere – Saturday 21st December 1918

You’ve seen it through!


You don’t want to talk about it. You don’t want to think about it. You just want to lean back and feel that the day you’ve been dreaming of since that first August of 19 14 has come at last.

It’s good to be alive. It’s good to be with her. It’s good to sit at home, lazily watching the smoke curl up from your Kenilworth Cigarette, and enjoying the flavour of that wonderful golden tobacco that suits the hour so well.

Peace finds Kenilworth Cigarettes unchanged, in size.

Kenilworth Cigarettes are made of mellow golden Virginia leaf, yielding a fascinating aroma. They will compare favourably with any Virginian Cigarettes you can obtain no matter how high the price. Yet Keniworths only cost 1 /4 for 20, 3/3 for 50, 6/6 for 100.

FOR THE FRONT. –  We will post Kenilworth Cigarettes to Soldiers at the Front specially packed in airtight tins of 50 at 2/9 per 100, duty free. Postage l/- for 200 to 300 1/4 up to 900. Minimum order 200. Order through your Tobacconist or send remittance direct to us. Postal Address 4, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool.


Kenilworth Cigarettes


Liverpool and London.

Manufacturers of High-lass Cigarettes.


The Sphere – Saturday 21st December 1918


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