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Ethel Hymers Glewwe – 1928

I found these lovely wedding pictures at  A Place We Call Home and my first impression was that Ethel reminded me of Lily Elsie. The post is short but I liked the romance of their meeting and subsequent wedding.


” One night in the summer of 1927, Ethel was at a social event at the (Riverview Baptist) church with one of the young men.  As the group prepared to go home, Ethel’s date asked Reuben Glewwe if he would give them a ride home.  Reuben agreed and Ethel and the young man climbed in the back seat of Reuben’s car.  Reuben was also with a girl, but during the trip, his eyes kept meeting Ethel’s in the rear view mirror.  Romance was born and Reuben and Ethel soon began dating.  They became engaged on December 10, 1927.

In later years, the family often joked about Reuben’s sisters’ reactions to the engagement.  Reuben had always received more of his sisters’ attention than he ever wanted and when he announced that he was going to marry that ‘new girl’, Ethel Hymers, the Glewwe girls were shocked.  No one knew anything about her or her family and she was only seventeen!  Still, Reuben had made up his mind and he and Ethel were married at Riverview Baptist Church on Ethel’s eighteenth birthday, June 7, 1928.  The reception was held at her mother and stepfather’s home in St. Paul.

Their honeymoon was not spent at some romantic vacation spot.  Instead, Ethel insisted that Reuben take her back to the prairies of Saskatchewan and the home town of Kincaid where she had such strong memories of her childhood.  It was over eight hundred miles one way in Reuben’s 1928 Whippet.  The trip generated enough stories to keep the family amused for years to come.”


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