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"If you talk to God you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic."

10,000,000 hits!


10,000,000 hits, what can I say except a huge thank you to all the people that have passed through, liked posts and those who have taken to time to comment on the ones that they have enjoyed.

I started Grumpy old fart!!! in November 2009 to grumble about being made redundant and the megalomaniac staff at the job centre but quickly decided that posting postcards from my collections and later some more “naughty” images was much more interesting and enjoyable.

It’s interesting that Rosaleen Young remains  popular not just over the past year but remains the most popular overall, I hope that she would be pleased that despite leaving the internet she remains so popular with a section of the public.



The top ten views over the past year;

  1. Rosaleen Young – Ponygirl
  2. The final maid challenge
  3. Bryoni Kate – School Days
  4. Working Late
  5. Rosaleen Young – A Victorian Diary
  6. Start the week right
  7. Please, not all weekend
  8. Bianca Beauchamp – Ponygirl Diaries
  9. Rosaleen Young – Ponygirl
  10. Rosaleen Young – Puppy Play


The top ten views since November 2009;

  1. Rosaleen Young – Ponygirl
  2. Bianca Beauchamp – Ponygirl Diaries
  3. The final maid challenge
  4. Rosaleen Young – A Victorian Diary
  5. Risa Kasumi – Maid
  6. Rosaleen Young – School uniform
  7. Rosaleen Young – End of Term 01
  8. Rosaleen Young – End of Term 02
  9. Rosaleen Young – Puppy Play
  10. Rosaleen Young – End of Term 03



9,000,000 hits!


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