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Maureen O’Hara – The Tatler – Wednesday 14th February 1940

Maureen O’Hara relies on Ovaltine for Sound Sleep every night


MAUREEN O’HARA writes: “The exciting sequences of ‘Jamaica Inn’ gave me many hard and tiring moments. But I knew that by taking Ovaltine I could rely on sound sleep each night, and there was never a morning when I did not feel fresh and ready for work again.”

Sound, healthy sleep is the first essential for radiant fitness and vitality. And a “nightcap” of delicious ‘Ovaltine’ is the best and surest way of promoting the right kind of sleep every night. Long experience among countless thousands of people throughout the world has proved this fact beyond all possibility of doubt.

Make ‘Ovaltine’ your bedtime beverage and enjoy sound, restful sleep every night. ‘Ovaltine’ provides soothing nourishment to nerves and brain and quickly induces restorative, health – giving sleep from which you waken in the morning completely refreshed and invigorated.

Prices in Gt. Britain and N. Ireland, 1/1. 1/10 & 3/3

Drink delicious and note the Difference

The Tatler – Wednesday 14th February 1940


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