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DON’T “EAT MORE MUTTON!” – The Globe – Tuesday 25th May 1920








Today is the hottest day the year, the temperature having risen from 75 degrees in the shade, recorded yesterday, to 79 degrees this afternoon, the temperature in the sun to-day being 118.

A Christian Scientist, it is said, once died of “overfeeding” during heat wave, because he bluffed himself that he had had a meal roast beef and bear ad lib.

In reality lie had had nothing at all; but the bluff held good, and died because his imagination was bigger than his appetite. He could argue synthetically, but broke down on the analytical side.




This parable one that has its application during the present warm spell, when people are apt to act if their habits don’t require overhauling and accommodating to the weather.

The secret of being active and really enjoying oneself in all weathers, according to a high medical authority, just the secret of changing diet.

“We in England,” said this authority to a perspiring “Globe” representative, have not got over our insular habits.

“Even in the hot weather of the last few days I have had lady patients come here wrapped furs and complain of exhaustion. They want a tonic, they say,

“Never mind the cheapness meat and the appeal of the Government departments to eat more mutton. People who want to keep well should eat plenty of vegetables and fruit during the warm weather.”




Here is an ideal day’s food for warm weather:


Breakfast: Bananas apples and bread and butter. Tea or coffee.

Lunch: Thin soup, a little fish, salad, light sweets.

Dinner: White wine, very little soup, one quarter the usual amount of cold meat, no potatoes; salad fruit; coffee, bread.


“Drink spirits in warm weather. Sleep with windows open. Have tepid bath or sponge down in the morning.

“And dress to suit the thermometer —the latter is one the most important items.”

How, then, shall dress suit the weather?

To more experts went the seeker after information, and there was told that dark clothes, absorbing the sun’s rays, retain the heat then the heat is not wanted.

According to one clother of men and women – the ideal dress for a beat wave was the Roman toga and sandals. But, Roman togas and sandals are not m fashion.

Bathing costumes were the next best; but the police have instructions to arrest people in bathing costumes and to wrap their capes round them.

The next is come out clad in thought and a suit white drill and sip ice-cream on a water-wagon.


The Globe – Tuesday 25th May 1920

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Rosaleen Young – Buttercup


With the sun shining and a cloudless sky what better time to remember Rosaleen Young – Buttercup

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School desk


Adam, I recently saw a similar desk at an antiques centre but unfortunately we don’t have enough room for one :-/


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Help with the harvest

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The taverns are full of gadabouts……………

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