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Fashion’s Fancies – The Bystander – Wednesday 3rd January 1912



Sketched at the London Corset Company. New Bond Street. W.

(By Dorothy Millar)


Fashion’s Fancies.



SHALL I talk New Year platitudes? I think not. What is, is; what will be, will be. Kismet! One thing to me, at least, is assured, that if I overstep, by so much as a word, my allotted space, down will come the guillotine, in the shape of the Editor’s inexorable pen. Oh, these men! How they will cling to their traditional autocracy; and I am a poor thing with my mere chat about clothes in the midst of their superior sarcasms and witticisms. So let me to my lot in life, and trust that my enthusiasm will appeal to a few.

Something About a Special Corset and a Corset Sale

On the unimpeachable authority of the presiding genius at the London Corset Company, 28, New Bond Street, we have it that corsets will be longer than ever during 1912. Naturally the prophesy only affects the early part or spring Season. The fates alone know where we shall be in the corset line next Christmas. Short of getting back to a sort of Mrs. Noah’s attire and being corseted to the heels, we have surely touched the limits of what even the most fashionable woman will endure in the very, very latest model depicted on this page. The length, certainly, is extreme, but since it is built of the finest tricot, and the few bones terminated at a reasonable point, the soft extension moulds itself to the figure, and there is, consequently, no ugly disfiguring line to be discerned through the skirt, be that of the clearest fabric. The bust line, you observe, is low, and that is the case with all the new models. The one time threatened ugly Teutonic pushed up figure is now a thing of the past. And to conclude the matter, the cost of this newest of the new is only 4 gns.

Additionally to style, the London Corset Company are consistently emphatic as to value. Their corsets are all made in Paris, and made to wear, thanks to the best materials, real whalebone, and an absolutely irreproachable finish. The final handling is so important, involving hand work and the nicest touch. Furthermore, a perfect fit is guaranteed if a personal visit is paid. During the month of January an entire clearance is made of any “La Samothrace” corsets that are in stock. No single model is spared the ban of the blue pencil, and among the bargains will be included samples of special makes and odd pairs of the daintiest fabrics, such as satin, brocade, etc.

Appreciable reductions are applied to the firm’s famed and much-coveted crepe de Chine model, which has achieved a phenomenal success, and several fine coutille models, notably one extra long at 3 ½ gns., and a wonderful spotted coutille at 47s. .9d., this last conforming to all the latest decrees of low bust and length below the hips. The clearance, too, is a propitious moment for those going to tropical climates to acquire at special rates a capital washing corset fashioned of broderie Anglaise. The only portion that needs to be removed for the cleansing process is the steels; the bones survive the ordeal with assured equanimity. A further interesting item included in the sale are some hand made, hand- embroidered lingerie blouses, exceptionally well c u t. These are of lawn, net, and crepe de Chine many trimmed with real lace, and all marked down at sweeping reductions.


The Bystander, January 3rd1912


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