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120 years ago the legendary Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born



I have read many books in my time and there are many that have remained in my mind and consciousness forever.

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint Exupery is one that has never abandoned me.

The story is moving in its beauty and the innocence of both the author and its little protagonist. It is full of wit and wisdom, as well as words and concepts so moving that you do not know whether to laugh or cry.

51df7e27b9b1dc94eede14063cdcbf64The Little Prince , the best-selling and most translated French children’s book in history , came out in the United States in 1943, a year and a few months before the author’s death. But in France, the Gallimard publishing house was only able to publish it in 1946, when nearly two years had passed since the plane crash over the Mediterranean Sea that cost Antoine de Saint-Exupéry his life on July…

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Spanked, but Triumphant – 1927



Daughter Gets Father

Fined £10


A parent who spanked his 20- year-old daughter had the shock of his life at Staten Island, New York, when he was fined £10 with the alternative of ten days’ imprisonment, says the Central News.

The father, Abraham Lincoln Eglinton, was charged with simple assault. The girl stated that he had punched her several times in the face and body, after she had refused to obey his command to prepare to leave the next morning to enter an art school.

The father said spanked her four times with his bare hand. He pleaded that this was a parent’s right. The court denied the right of any parent chastise a daughter who had attained the age 20.


The Daily Herald – Wednesday 6th April 1927

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