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Olive Thomas


Olive Thomas with Harriet, her little sister. The girls share a mother. Harriet was born in 1914 to Rena and Harry Van Kirk, Olive’s step-father, making a 20 year age gap between the sisters. At the time of her birth, Olive was starting her show business. This, however, did not prevent her from forming a bond with Harriet. Olive adoringly spoke of in a 1919 interview with the New York Telegraph.

“I love children. You know I have a little sister 5 years old, the most beautiful child you ever saw. I have teased mother to give her to us, but of course, she won’t. Little Harriet is my step-sister, but I love her to death.”

Just like Olive, Harriet would too die at a young age. She was killed in an auto mobile accident in 1931. She was seventeen-years-old.


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