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Marilyn Miller – The Tatler – Wednesday 1st November 1922

Marilyn Miller (born Mary Ellen Reynolds; 1st September 1898 – 7th April 1936) she sadly died at the early age of of 37 after complications of sinus surgery. According to a friend, a fellow Ziegfeld Follies dancer, Marjorie Farnsworth, a pretty blue dress caught her eye, “Oh, I must have it,” she said to her friend. “For a special occasion?” her friend enquired. “Very special. I’m going into hospital tomorrow -.” “And you want to wear that dress when you leave? I don’t blame you, it’s lovely.” “Yes when I I leave. I want to be buried in it. I’m certain I won’t leave the hospital alive.” Three weeks later she died at Doctors Hospital of a toxic condition following surgery. There were whispers that she was plagued with symptoms associated with syphilis. (Probably contracted from her husband, Jack Pickford)

Vogel, M. (2007) “Olive Thomas – The Life and Death of a Silent Film Beauty,” McFarland & Company, Inc p126

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