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Audrey Hepburn – The Sketch – Wednesday 26th March 1958

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  1. Apparently being starved during the war affected her so that she remained slim.

    Comment by fenlandphil | April 4, 2021 | Reply

    • Yes I saw an interview she did it sounded an awful time for her, apparently she was asked by the director of the film and Anna’s father to play the role of Anna Frank but felt that some of her experience had been similar and felt too emotional to play the part, it’s understandable why she gave so much time to UNICEF

      Comment by summertime75 | April 4, 2021 | Reply

      • I can understand why she wouldn’t want to play Anna Frank. I helped a lady in our writing group publish a poetry book. One of the poems was about a train journey to a concentration camp. We had diffculty finding a photo to accompany it. One we considered was so upsetting, we felt we couldn’t use it.

        Comment by fenlandphil | April 4, 2021

      • I used to be a learning disabilities nurse and a colleague lent me a couple of videos as I was doing several modules on disabilities for my OU degree, they were about the camps that housed people with disabilities, not just learning disabilities but epilepsy, deaf people and many others and the “justification” used by the medical staff for murdering them. I had intended to use excerpts for the in service training that we used to run but didn’t because I was sure that I wouldn’t have been able to finish the session, I copped out and used pieces from the BBC film Skallagrigg

        Comment by summertime75 | April 4, 2021

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