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Olive Thomas – The Little Adventuress – The Bioscope – Thursday 12th September 1918

“The Little Adventuress”

Triangle (Kay Bee) 5 reels


A STORY that brings home a moral lesson without any attempt to preach one, and besides riveting the attention is full of piquant amusement at every turn. Olive Thomas as Minnie Wils lives in one of those villages where everyone is in bed at 9.30. Ted (Joe Bennet), her rustic beau, is a lad of sound sense, and when Minnie tells him that she has decided to run away to try her luck in town Ted feels perfectly satisfied that she can take care of herself. While her mother and all the women Minnie comes in contact with are wringing their hands and weeping, her father keeps assuring them that Minnie is “all right,” and can take care of herself anywhere.

So Minnie can, but not because she is cunning or artful. She just had a good time in the old village, and she manages to do the same in New York. When Moncare Kells is attracted by her pretty face Minnie accepts his money and his presents, goes out to dine with him, and enjoys herself thoroughly just as she would with Ted, but she expects the same treatment Ted gave her, and the fact that she knows nothing about any other sort of relationship helps her to enjoy herself, and thoroughly baffles the experienced Moncare. The other girls in the smart shop hold up their hands in horror, and remembering their own past try to protect her, but Minnie is a fortress that needs no help.

By sticking fast to the wisdom of the sagacious Ted Minnie tells Moncare: “Ted says a man can’t kiss a girl until he has given her a diamond ring and asked her to marry him.” Moncare does. He regrets it, however, when Minnie embraces his mother and gets asked to the house. When he says it is a mistake and asks her to release him Minnie is quite ready to do so. Ted had said that a girl should never keep a man against his will. So by careless innocence the girl wins all along the line, and when she returns home she is as unspoilt as when she left, only where some gain only experience Minnie taught others, and priced her lessons pretty high.

A perfectly charming story acted with considerable spirit.

The Bioscope – Thursday 12th September 1918


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