Grumpy old fart!!!

"If you talk to God you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic."

Hold still



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Abbi Taylor


Abbi Taylor

Abbi Taylor

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Nell Shipman


Nell Shipman (born Helen Foster-Barham; 25th October 1892 – 23rd January 1970) was a Canadian actress, author, screenwriter, producer, director, animal rights activist and animal trainer.
She was the first actress in legitimate-film history to ever do a full frontal nude scene on film. It was in Back to God’s Country (1919), which coincidentally (or perhaps because of the scene) became the most financially successful silent film ever made in Canada. The tagline in one of the posters for the movie was, “Is the Nude Rude?”.
Miss Shipman has in the last two years saved three lives thru her prowess as a swimmer, and her courage. Nearly two years ago Miss Shipman saved the life of Alfred Whitman, an actor, when he was stricken with cramps while swimming in the Kern River, Kern County, California. Just recently when Mrs. I. H. Rothstein and her seven-year-old son Roger, capsized in a rowboat at Nat Goodwin Pier, Banta Monica Beach. Miss Shipman rescued them from the water after they had gone under for the third time. In “Back to God’s Country,” Miss Shipman has ample opportunity to demonstrate her aquatic ability. In a dramatic scene she rescues her father by leaping into the swirling rapids. This is one of the few Instances in of a Canadian mountain waterfall, which a star has risked her life for proper depiction of a scene.
Montrose Daily Press, Volume XII, Number 269, May 17, 1921

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