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Mary Ann Whitmarsh

Mary Ann Whitmarsh
Newspaper Seller, Shepton Mallet, Somerset.
Mary Ann was admitted to the Asylum on February 24th 1914, a widow aged 66, suffering with Dementia.
Her height was recorded as being 5ft.
She was described as “Disorientated and Demented”
Answers every question by saying; “I don’t know or I can’t”
She is somewhat deaf, both arms have bruises and she is very dirty.
Neighbours of Garston Street, Shepton Mallet say she has long been vacant in manner and expression and that she scours the streets collecting scraps of paper. Does not take any care of her person or her house and resists help.
Neighbours in Garston Street say she constantly talks of seeing her dead husband and had been very much affected by his death.
Mary’s husband, William, aged 77, one of the last Somerset Velvet Weavers, was knocked down and killed in September 1912, by an express train, while crossing the railway at Barren Down, Shepton Mallet.
July 24th 1914
She is dull and vacant when addressed. Potters aimlessly about and mutters to herself. Has to be washed and dressed and would spend her day in bed if she had access to the dormitories.
January 10th 1916
When addressed by staff she stares vacantly or mutters something unintelligible. Lost and bewildered. Has no knowledge of her position and pays no attention to what goes on around her.
Cardiac action is poor, health failing.
April 18th 1916
Impossible to examine her as she is resistive. In bed with a feverish cold. She is very difficult taking her food.
April 25th 1916
She gradually failed and died today in the presence of Nurse Rosina Williams.
Cause of death: Cerebral Hemorrhage.
Mary died aged 68 and is buried in the Mendip Hospital Cemetery F221
Rest in peace Mary

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