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Signing the Armistice

Signing the Armistice 11th November 1918. The only Post Card to show the inside of the railway carriage that eventful day. Thanks to the senior British officer present the news was declared on the 11th hour…
“On the morning of Friday 8th November 1918, a special train took the German armistice delegation to a siding in the Forest of Compiegne. Two hundred yards away, in another train, Marshal Foch, the military representative of the Allies, and Sir Rosslyn Wemyss, the naval representative, were waiting.
At exactly 9 a.m., the German delegation, headed by Matthias Erzberger, climbed the steps to Foch’s saloon car (which doubled as a conference room) and talks began. There were no negotiations. Foch simply presented the Germans with an ultimatum – they had 72 hours to either accept or reject the Allied terms, which were severe.
At 5 a.m. on Monday 11th November, after many verbal and written protests against the “inhuman conditions on which the armistice was granted”, the German delegation signed the conditions the cessation of hostilities. There were no smiles or handshakes as the delegations parted. Within a few minutes a message was transmitted to all fronts ordering hostilities to cease at 11 a.m. “

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Armistice Gala Night Dinner – 1924

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