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Ask Sarah

Have you ever had to contact Royal Mail? If so you will undoubtedly have met Sarah. Any question and Sarah will answer it, well not quite true. There are a series of questions on the website which often send the questioner in ever decreasing circles. In desperation I decided the personal approach might be better, big mistake – whom did I encounter, the ubiquitous Sarah, who incidentally has a very tedious voice and repeats the same information over and over again. Eventually I manage to speak to a real person, hopefully in the UK and not a call centre, in the far flung reaches of our fallen Empire. Sadly my query can not be resolved. Not a problem, “my package has not entered the UK yet, contact the sender and try again”. Can I contact the tracking department direct rather than have to listen to tedious Sarah, sadly no, even when the enquirer knows exactly which department they require this is not possible, still it gives Sarah a job.

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