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Central London Sick Asylum c1900

Someone was kind enough to share this picture with me after posting, Central London Sick Asylum c1900 which I bought at a postcards fair,

the Dr and Matron are in both, the person sharing said a relative worked there in the early 1900’s,

it’s always good to be able to add some context to social history postcards that often don’t even have an individual’s name noted.



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Murder By Lunatic – The Illustrated Police News – Thursday 11th July 1918




At Bishop’s Lydeard, Somerset, Ellen Nichols, inmate of Somerset Lunatic Asylumat Cotford, was charged with having murdered another Inmate named Emily Fleming.

It was stated that prisoner had been in the asylum for six years, and during the whole the time there was constant record of violence by her against nurses and patients. During paroxysms she was isolated in a single room, and when so isolated Emily Fleming, a restless patient, wandered along the corridor and into the room, where she was attacked by the prisoner, who, holding her by the hair, banged her head the floor until she became unconscious, and inflicted a contused wound, 2½ in. long, on the back of the skull.

The injured woman never recovered consciousness, and died on May 6.

Prisoner was remanded to prison in order that she might be certified under the Criminal Lunatic Acts prior to removal to Broadmoor.


The Illustrated Police News – Thursday 11th July 1918


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Lennox House


Salem Secrets

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No triage needed

No triage needed

Not too sure just what the Reasons for admission were but it looks like it could be a long stay 😮

Forever Nightfall

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