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I have personally have seen and felt what cancer dose to the many families out there who have broken hearts and tears in their eyes, i have seen this so many time over the years, i feel from the heart for them all as i know how much they, will suffer when they are told for the 1st time that they or a loved one has CANCER.

I can honestly say this is by far the most difficult time ever. I know what cancer and treatment can do to a body and I sometimes wonder if the treatment is worth it in the long haul. It seems to do more harm than good.
Nothing is more painful than Trying to smile and remain positive, but after chemo, surgery and radiation, you know the person is physically changed and they suffer with this sadness. I know many of you do not give a hoot about this message because, of course, the cancer has not touched you. You do not know what it’s like to have fought the fight or had a loved one who leads a battle against cancer. For all the men, woman and little boys and girls I ask you a small favour and only some of you will do it. If you know someone who has led a battle against cancer, still struggling or who passed, please add this to your status for one hour as a mark of support, respect and remembrance.
Copy and paste to support those affected by cancer. From your phone or tablet, hold your finger on the message to copy and paste on your page.

Thank you

Big Gee Phenzz

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A hair-raising message

Earlier this year, a Swedish shampoo commercial blew everyone away with an innovative ad campaign. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation thought they’d put their own spin on the campaign and send a hair-raising message.

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