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Monsters Are Real!

Monsters Are Real!

On Monday, Billy didn’t have his homework
And when the teacher asked him why
He said, “Because a monster ripped it up,
After I told him a lie.”

“You know monsters don’t exist,
And if you don’t turn in your homework
No recess you will get

On Tuesday, Billy had a stomachache
And when the teacher asked him why
He said, “A monster took away my dinner,
even my cherry pie.”

“Billy, I’ve told you once before,
Monsters are not real.
You’ll have to wait till lunchtime
Before you get a meal.”

On Wednesday, Billy had a bandage,
Which covered his right eye.
When the teacher asked him how it happened,
This was his reply:

“A monster was running after me
When I ran into the door:”
“Billy please,” the teacher said,
“I don’t want to hear any more.”

On Thursday, Billy refused to sit down,
And when the teacher asked him why,
Billy said, “A monster whipped my bottom,
Because I started to cry,”

“Billy, said the teacher,
” this is getting out of hand,
And if you continue with these stories,
In the corner you will stand.”

On Friday, Billy didn’t come to school,
And when the teacher found out why,
She said a little prayer to God
In hopes Billy would survive.

For a monster had beaten Billy
and threatened him with a knife.
Now Billy lay in a hospital bed,
Fighting for his life.

So teachers please remember,
That monsters are for real.
Listen closely to kids stories,
A wounded heart you may heal

Author Unknown…

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Birthday in Jail Card

The Art of Occupied Palestine

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Razan Abu Sal

The Art of Occupied Palestine


Palestinian child prisoner Razan Abu Sal, 13, was sentenced by an Israeli military court on 16 January to four months in prison and a fine of 2500 NIS ($800 USD). A Palestinian refugee from al-Arroub camp south of Al-Khalil, Razan is the youngest female Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails.

Razan, like most jailed Palestinian children, was accused of throwing stones; she was seized near the Ibrahimi Mosque on 13 January  She was seized by occupation forces along with her sister; her sister’s case was delayed further by the military court.

She is one of approximately 360 Palestinian children jailed in Israeli prisons. Every year, approximately 700 Palestinian children are dragged before Israeli military courts with a conviction rate of over 99 percent. Palestinian children frequently report physical and psychological abuse under Israeli interrogation as well as the use of solitary confinement and denial of access to their families or a lawyer.


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