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"If you talk to God you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic."

Children’s Ward c1910

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Three very nice pictures found this morning at Woodbridge postcard fair.
The bride picture only shows three names, Kitty Walmsley on the left, Ivy, the bride and Teddy on the right.
The others show Winnie Elms, Gwen, Teddy, Warren Bailey, Arthur and Hugh Johns.
The final picture shows the children as Edna May Williams, Gwen Hughes, Teddy, Dolly Hughes and Mary Hughes

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226 schoolchildren who lost their life to suicide in 2017 in the UK

These shoes represent the 226 schoolchildren who lost their life to suicide in 2017 in the UK – a pair for each school child and was created at the St George Hall in Liverpool.😞❤️

According to a recent YouGov survey carried out for the Prince’s Trust, the number of young people in the UK who say they don’t believe that life is worth living has doubled in the last decade.

With such shocking statistics and stories, there’s little doubt our younger generation are facing a mental health crisis. But why are children taking their own lives?

Maybe your child is merely having a bad day, but maybe it’s something more if this mood has been going on for a couple of weeks.
Fact: 9 in 10 teens who take their own lives met criteria for a diagnosis of psychiatric or mental health condition or disorder—more than half of them with a mood disorder such as depression or anxiety.

Depressed people often retreat into themselves, when secretly they’re crying out to be rescued from the storm they feel they are in. Many times, they’re too embarrassed to reveal their unhappiness to others, including parents or siblings as they may be in shame. Boys in particular, may try to hide their emotions, in the misguided belief that displaying the feeling is a of weakness of the highest proportions.

Let’s not wait for children or young people to come to us with their problems or concerns. Knock on the door, park yourself down on their bed, and say,
“There is something going on for you right now, and I want you to know I am here for you, you never know maybe I can help – maybe I cant – But the thing is I am here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Hugely powerful, hugely significant, and a lifeline to a young person, not in control and in crisis.

The smallest of gestures at these difficult times can have the largest impact.


Lucy’s Blue Day – Children’s Mental Health Book


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Vintage Sunday


I originally bought this cabinet card because I remember as a child my Nanna having similar pictures of my Dad and Uncle dress in a similar way.

Jack 10 is months and Kenneth is 2 years old


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A Victorian Nanny with two children

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“Portraits of War, Huda”

"Portraits of War, Huda"

I remember the original news picture, I couldn’t decide whether it had been posed or not but regardless of that it was and remains a powerful image of the suffering that all children affected by war have to endure every day. We as adults have a responsibility to make society better for our children and their children, so far we have failed miserably


The Art of Occupied Palestine

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Only a little picture but filled with such sadness, this little Syrian girl thought the photojournalist was holding a weapon, so she “surrendered”. Of course it may well have been “staged” to prove a point but the tragedy is there none the less.

History in Pictures

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