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A presuming maid

I have probably posted this before but I was reading “The Expert Maid-Servant” by Christine Terhune Herrick and found the following passage which I thought could fit the image, well with a little imagination.


Sometimes one meets a presuming maid who takes advantage of the kindness of the mistress to force an undue familiarity. This, too, must be watched for, but the possibility of this result does not do away with the desirability of consideration on the part of the mistress to the maid. Fully as often as one finds this trouble does one see a foolish mistress who, taking a fancy to a maid lets the latter drift into a position of pseudo-intimacy which is hard to break off. It is not probable that the latter would have put herself forward without a certain amount of encouragement. When advances are made by the mistress, and the maid presumes upon them, it is only the mistress who is to blame if the maid “forgets her place.”

The Expert Maid-Servant” by Christine Terhune Herrick (1904)



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