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Claire Anderson c1915

Former Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty, Claire Anderson, was involved in quite an interesting divorce battle with her husband of 16 years, Harry Anderson. In the 1926 divorce suit, Claire charged a woman named Florence Omley of alienating the affections of her husband. Two months later, the three figures in the suit back in court arguing over alimony. Omley, apparently fed up with Claire, decided to challenge her to a fist fight, governed by the “Marquis of Queensbury rules.” She stated to reporters that if she beat Claire in the fight, then Claire “will promise to drop all this litigation.” Omley seemed pretty confident that she would win, “Mrs. Anderson appears to be about twenty pounds heavier, but I think I’m in better condition.” Sadly, the Omley v. Anderson bout never occurred and the case was settled in court. The details of the settlement were not released to the public.

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