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A Queer Birth Certificate – The Lancashire Evening Post – Monday 18th December 1899



We have heard, from time to time, of strange things being produced as evidence, but who ever heard of an egg a birth certificate? In the December number of “Little Folks,” writer says. Mrs. Bell, a poor widow of Norwich, was brought before the School Attendance of the city where she lived, in order that she might satisfy the powers that her daughter was old enough to entitle her to stay away from school. Being required to produce evidence of the child’s age, she showed the committee an egg finely coloured in purple, yellow, and cream, on which were traced in white letters the girl’s name and the date of her birth, in addition to the texts, “The Lord shall guide thee continually” and “Teach me do Thy will.” This unusual birth certificate, after having received its meed of praise for the beauty of its execution, was accepted by the committee as satisfactory evidence of age, and the widow retired having proved her case.


The Lancashire Evening Post – Monday 18th December 1899

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