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The Ida Darwin Hospital – Belfast Telegraph – Tuesday 24th August 1971

Reaching out for Happiness.


Happiness to the mentally handicapped is a nurse with time – time to give the love and individual attention these people so badly need. Time to train and study new nursing methods and techniques. Time to laugh, Time to teach. At Ida Darwin, with a high staff patient ratio we really do have time for nursing. Ours is a new hospital which has just been completed. So to maintain this record figure, almost the highest in the country, we still need more RNMS, SEN’s (Mental Subnormality). Here at Ida Darwin we have created a community where patients are able to lead useful lives, including simple jobs. We hove done away with the idea of a mental institution. Our hospital is a collection of small modern house units situated in attractive countryside. And with a large proportion of young people and children here, treatment is geared to activity. Fulbourn is a small village which lies only four miles from the centre of Cambridge. So you hove the choice of living deep in the country, or in a lively university town. If you want to work in an advanced medical centre where research into the causes and prevention of mental handicap is an important part of the work, then we are reaching out for you.

Write or phone: Principal Nursing Officer, The Ida Darwin Hospital, Fulbourn, Cambs. Tel.: Fulbourn 501

Belfast Telegraph – Tuesday 24th August 1971

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The Ida Darwin Hospital – Birmingham Daily Post – Thursday 21st March 1974

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