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The Suffragist Farce – The Manchester Evening News – Saturday 18th September 1909


The Suffragist Farce.


The suffragist farce continues, and were it not for the lamentable fact that the silly women have resorted to the highly dangerous pastime of throwing missiles it would be very entertaining. When, however, life or limb is placed in jeopardy it is time the authorities treated these very lady-like persons in strict accordance with the law. So called hunger strikes should not be allowed to prevail, and where women are proved to have resorted to violence there should be no hesitation on the part of magistrates to treat the offenders as they would women of the hooligan type. Many people who were originally in sympathy with the movement to give women the full franchise have become disgusted with the tactics of the militant section, and women generally have the latter to thank for the obvious set back to the agitation. Thanks to effective organisation it was not possible for the women to disturb Mr. Asquith last night, and it must be charitably supposed that it was this disappointment which led to the ridiculous and hysterical display outside the hall.


The Manchester Evening News – Saturday 18th September 1909


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