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Brighton, Royal Pavilion (JV 89273)

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The Royal Pavilion, Brighton


The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, I bought this postcard for two reasons, firstly, we are finally off to Brighton to see Dita Von Teese after a two year wait and secondly, because it was printed for Colourmaster International by Photo Precision Limited, St. Ives, Huntingdonshire. The Huntingdonshire part is interesting as the boundaries changed in 1974 when St. Ives became part of Cambridgeshire, therefore as I didn’t leave Photo Precision until 1976 I may well have had a hand in its production. Looking at the sky under my magnifying glass, which I liberated when I left, the lack of clouds suggests the retouching department had been hard at work, taking them out rather than adding fluffy white ones.

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