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Never trust the locals

Their directions could leave you “all at sea” 😮


The Photography of Matthew Facey

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Last week we went to London to see a couple of shows, the outrageously camp “Pricilla, Queen of the Desert” and a great period drama “Mrs. Warren’s Profession”. Whist wandering round the city we decided that it would be a good idea to send the grandchildren a postcard; the irony is that as an avid postcard collector I never send them but as the grandchildren are of an age to enjoy receiving letters and postcards we thought that this would be an ideal opportunity even if souvenir cards are very tacky. Having chosen the cards, nothing too royalist or political we proceed to complete the purchase with the necessary postage stamps. Think again, no inland stamps were sold in any of the shops we visited; however international stamps were readily available. Don’t English tourists send cards to their loved ones any longer or are foreign tourists the only ones who still use the written word to communicate? This may sound very xenophobic but this is England so why only international stamps, unless one goes to the post office, I’m genuinely saddened that we are catering for foreign tourist at the expense of local holiday makers. Next time we go for a midweek break I will take a supply of stamps with me, or perhaps other cities will be more accommodating.

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